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2002 hynduai sonata car problems

Hey guys i made a post a little while ago about the problems i was having with my 2002 hynudai sonata. Long story short you guys diagnosed the problem to be a faulty TRS Sensor. And you guys were spot on.  So i went and tried to do the replacement myself. I went to autozone bought a new trs sensor and went to do the installation myself. It was quite difficult to get to, and i had to do alot of manuvering and unscrewing. Anyways when i had finally got to the old trs sensor to replace it, i could not figure out how to remove it. I had already unscrewed the two screws holding it in place but for some reason i just couldnt get it out. Now this is the part where i made the mistake of trying to twist it after i had figured out it was on a swivel. thinking that i had to twist to unlodge and remove the old sensor. That is what i proceeded to do. So i twisted it 3 clicks right and i heard a sound. Almost as if my car had shifted out of park. And sure enough not a second later my car started to slowly roll down my drive way until i could get a chunk of wood under the wheel. I later realized after all my efforts in trying to replace the sensor that it wasnt the sensor that was bad, but the wired connection. And after a light push on the wires/ cable. I started my car and my problem was fixed. The thing is, my shifting was now a little messesd up when trying to reverse or put in drive. I noticed the display would say that i was in reverse and i would be reversing, but the shifter would still be in park. And like wise the car would be in drive and the shifter would be in neutral. All this happened about a month and a half ago and i have been driving with these shift problems ever since. They havent stopped me from driving and my car functions normally aside from that so i figured i should be fine. Now this post is a little delayed but i guess i should probally be asking right about now if the car is taking any damage by me driving it with the shifter in the state it is. And what should be my next move. If this is something i can fix myself please point me in the right direction to do so. Or if this a problem for a mechanic now. Even though i am a little reluctant to try and fix this myself after what happened the first time i would still like to fix it myself in all honesty.

I would pay a mechanic to fix this issue.

You probably damaged the TRS when you twisted it.

This is for an Elantra , but the procedure is the same.

Replace TRS.