Oops, not shifting


Hi, I just bought a 2008 fusion, 4 cyls automatic, the first time I took it to the freeway, I noticed that it was not shifting from the second shift up, then 2 warning lights came on, one that looks like a wrench, and the check engine light. I drove like this for about 12 miles before noticing that the stick shift was not exactly in the D position, it was somewhere between the D and the L position, I moved it, and it started to shift properly, the “wrench” signal went off, but not the check engine. I took the car the dealer, and after checking it, they changed a transmission sensor the blamed for the check engine signal, but they said everything was all right with the motor (I did not tell them what happened) now, my main concern is that by running the car like this is possible any damage to the engine?, any future consecuences? and did I burn that sensor?, or maybe the contrary, it was not shifting properly because the sensor was not working? thanks in advance.


As long as the engine wasn’t over-revved (probably not possible; most engines have rev limiters), you should be just fine. Happy motoring!


Forgot to tell, the rpm gauge went up to around 4.0-5.0, but never got into the red zone


I think it’s OK for now. Maybe forever. Some mistakes are compensated for. Next time, stop and begin again at square one. I know you won’t be fooled again.


I am wondering what Diagnostic Trouble Code they read with the scan tool and which sensor they replaced. If you have that information could you pass it along.