2001 Honda Odyssey Dash board lights situation

2001 Honda Odyssey 200k miles

recent (1 month old) changes:
-new alternator
-new a/c generator

What is happening:

  1. starting the car all instrumental dash lights stayed on and only very slowly cleared. This happened all the time I started the car.
  2. All red lights (brake, battery, and all doors open) start turning on together quite often.
  3. And I see a dropping in ‘power’ voltage. Like my headlights are getting darker. The headlights are also buring out quite often,

I went to a AAA mechanic and they checked the car and found nothing. And he said he did nothing.
Since then all instrument dash lights turn off at normal speed.
But all the red lights still light regularly. But less then before.
This (the red lights lighting) happens more often if A/C in on. Less if only fan is on. And even less while driving - usually when slowing down.

hmmm … well, sometimes a brake problem can cause the battery light to come on. This is done by design, so that if the brake warning dashboard light burns out, the driver will at least be warned something is wrong and the car needs to be taken to a mechanic asap. So it could be a brake problem. I’m not sure if Honda turns on the door warnings too with a brake problem though.

Well, at least that is one thing to consider anyway. Make sure your mechanic has the brake system checked.

Or you may be having some kind of electrical system problem. It might be a faulty alternator, or a bad battery, or just loose connections Or it may be more serious. We’d need more specific info on what warning lights are coming on and under what conditions.

So everything was normal.
I stopped to look at a motorcycle.
Left it running due to heat.
Came back and
Battery, all door and hatch, and brake bulb lights were on.
I disconnected the new (used for 4 days) trailer lights. They plug in in front of the left tail light, all you need is a Phillips head screwdriver and remove top screw from interior panel.
This is the second time I used the trailer with this vehicle. The first time after a day, when we pushed the brake pedal, the left turn signal stayed on(did not blink, stayed on) as long as you kept pressure on the pedal. Would blink on highway when merging normally.
Ours is an 03

Whoever wired your trailer lights or or wired your car for the trailer lights did something wrong.