2002 Honda Odessy vent window motor brushings: replace worn part or the whole she'bang?

The motors on my power windows that operate my back vent windows are going out. Today, I discovered that I can close them when driving downhill! In the late 1980’s I worked in a small appliance shop and always had guys coming in for carbon brushes to replace those that were worn in their car window motors. My new discovery of sometimes the motors will work got me thinking that it might be just a tiny brushing that needs replacement and not the entire motor. Has anyone taken these window motors apart to see if they can be “maintained” instead of replaced? The dealer quoted a decent price for one side of the car, but the second is super expensive. Thoughts?

I have to take it to the dealer for the airbag recall anyway. Am hoping to try a cheaper maintenance option beforehand and if it doesn’t work, have the dealer replace the motors while they have it.

I very much doubt these motors have replaceable brushes. I found new motors on rockauto.com for about $50.

Is it the labor or the parts that make the $$ difference, one side vs. the other? The Rockauto parts are the same price.

Note - the price from the dealer for the part will be 2X to 4X the rockauto price.