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2002 Honda CRV Electrical Issues

I have a 2002 CRV, and it started having multiple electrical system problems within 12 hours after a Texas state inspecition. The keyless entry wouldn’t work. After opening with key, the power door locks wouldn’t work from switch on driver door. My CRV starts fine, but I immediately noticed other problems.

1. The parking brake dash indicator light wouldn’t turn off–even though the brakes were mechanically disengaged.

2. The electric radiator fan doesn’t turn on.

3. The air conditioning compressor won’t turn on–even though the vent fan still blows and works correctly.

4. The back winder wiper doesn’t run.

The lights, horn, cruise control, and radio all still work. I’ve taken it in to two shops and they checked all of the fuses (both panels), and they were fine. Ran the engine diagnostic, and it does not indicate anything out of order. It’s getting much warmer in Texas and driving without AC is getting very uncomfortable

Any ideas?

You need to find a better shop. There is a lot more to diagnosing electrical problems and a/c units than checking fuses and an engine diagnosis, but you went to places that don’t know how to do any more than that. Find a good independent mechanic in your area and ask him if he specializes in these areas and ask him to recommend someone that does.

The troubles you are having with the car should be fairly simple things to fix. It is a little surprising that two shops couldn’t help you with this. Like Oldtimer 11 stated you need to find a good shop. I recommend you try to find one that specializes in electrical problems. The issues may all be related to a single problem, most likely with the power running to them, and once they locate the fault all the issues will clear up.