2002 Honda CRV transmission issues?

Ok so I have taken my car to two different mechanics. Neither one found anything outrageously wrong with it, but the problem I’m having doesn’t exactly seem good. Let me preface this by saying I know less than nothing about cars. My car was given to me and has about 215k miles on it. The check engine light is on (i was told because I need to get the O2 sensor replaced) but other than the following issue, I have no problems with it

  1. when it is cold and I don’t warm my car up
  2. when my car gets wet

This happens: at around 25mph, 45mph and 65mph (when the gears are shifting?) my car seems to lose…not power, but the ability to go forward. I can press on the gas all I want and the car won’t accelerate, and will slow down. First time this happened on the highway at 70mph was super fun! If I let off the gas and re-engage it sputters and jerks a little then powers through above 25 (or 45, 65). If I pull over and restart the car, it doesn’t happen. if I let it warm up for 5 minutes it doesn’t happen. With rain, it stops after it dries out a little. I want/need to keep this car till it literally dies a gruesome death, so I would like to figure out what’s going on here! Help?

Have the engine diagnostic codes read out and post them here. That’s your best first step.

If you take it to a shop, ask them to check the intake manifold vacuum and if there’s any indication of a problem, the pre-cat exhaust system back pressure.

Thanks! I’m going to take it in as soon as I have a day to waste. Ha.

C’mon, @juliwithoutane. You can plan to drop it off and get a ride to and from work, or do it on a Saturday if the shop is open. Maybe you have a friend with an extra car and you can borrow it. Since two mechanics can’t solve the problem, you might consider the dealer. They often have evening hours and Saturday hours. My Honda dealer has hours Wednesday night and on Saturday.

Can you tell us what the 2 mechanics found or thought? Or better yet upload a copy of the work order or invoice so we can see what kind of testing or checking was done?

The mechanics literally found nothing aside from the O2 sensor.

And they both seemed to think what I was describing wasn’t actually happening, since they couldn’t replicate it or find a problem

And @jtsanders none of your options are viable for me, but thanks for the…I guess advice on how to use my time? Ha. Just looking for thoughts on the car.

No problem. I didnt know whether you knew that some dealers have hours for people that work during the day like you.

What makes you think I work during the day? This is an odd conversation. Ha. @jtsanders

Water related troubles are many times spark plug wires.

Thanks @Barkydog I’ll have them check those too

The problem could be the O2 sensor. If that thing is too far gone similar problems can happen. The O2 sensor problem is supposed to happen when you’re trying to maintain steady engine speeds. It doesn’t have to be the sensor because things have improved since 1987 but maybe it is feeding pure garbage to the engine control module. There should be a separate module for the transmission and it could be lost in cyberspace.

Oooh so maybe getting a new O2 sensor would fix it all? That would be awesome

Thanks @pleasedodgevan2

Ok this is the report from my check engine light

Isn’t VTEC Honda’s variable valve timing method? That’s designed into new car engines to improve power and mpg. There’s usually an electro-magnetic solenoid that causes the valve timing to advance or retard under computer control. But it complicates the valve system, the wiring to the solenoid could fail, or the solenoid itself could fail, and to remain trouble free it requires really clean oil at all times and of the exact viscosity and other specifications stated in the owners manual.

Yeah I figure worst case I have to get the solenoid and the EGR replaced and some…I have no idea if this is a thing but oil lines cleaned? Ha. And the filter changed. I have no idea. I’m taking it to the dealer Monday because I have some recalls that have to be attended to as well. Thanks!

For some reason I can’t see anything about VTEC on a 2002 Honda CRV. Assuming you have it, it’s important with variable valve timing to be sure to religiously follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil specs and oil & filter change intervals. Using the same brand of oil helps too. While at the dealership be sure to ask about recalls, customer interest programs, and warranty extensions that might affect this vehicle. Best of luck.

Thanks. I found tons of stuff online! That’s going to be my reading material for the weekend so I can sound like I know what I’m talking about :slight_smile: