AC problem

the AC in my 2000 Isuzu Rodeo 2wd quit when I switched from defrost to AC. The light on ac button works, the blower works, but the compressor will not click “on”. Freon is ok, fuse under dash is ok. There is a relay under hood in a fuse box could this be the problem? Or, is there a pressure switch to the compressor? If there is how difficult is it to change out?

I suggest bringing it to a A/C shop where they have the tools and knowledge to test it right. In the long run it will likely be cheaper.

Precisely what do you mean by, “Freon is ok”? There probably are both high and low pressure switches. There probably is a relay for the compressor clutch.

I tested the freon on the low side with a gauge, as per instructions on the gauge, pressure was in the green. There is a relay in the fuse box under the hood in the engine compartment, as I stated in my original post. Could this 4 pronged relay be the problem? It just has AC stamped on it. The clutch has 2 leads going to it and that is all the wiring I can see. I’ve traced those wires back and do not see a switch.