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2008 Honda CR-V A/C Compressor replaced and charged - no Hot Air

After the A/C Compressor was replaced anc charged, the mechanic said that it was still not working. He checked for the ground " and was receiving power ?.. He was thinking I made now need to take it to a Honda dealership and maybe there is a code they need to enter. He does not know if the Compressor or Clutch may have overheated something to shutdown to protect the ECM

Any Ideas from experience ?

If the mechanic was unable to get the compressor to function, how were they able to charge the AC system?


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So, I had to call him back. I guess they were able to ground out the compressor so that they could check to see if it worked and charge it. He said the relay was fine, and thinks that it has something to do with possibly reprogramming the main board, or that something went bad with that.

I thought this Honda has only one wire going to the clutch coil and that should be a “hot” wire not ground. The ground is supplied through the compressor body mounted to the engine.

The mechanic does not seem to know what he is doing. If the coil or coil wire overheats it would just simply melt away. No engine code will be set. I highly doubt that this is possible. How about the compressor clutch? Does it spin when you turn on the A/C?

Edit: by the way, what was wrong with the original compressor and how did the mechanic determine that it needed to be replaced? Did he take pressure measurements before and after replacing the compressor?