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2002 Honda CR-V

I have a 2002 Honda CR-V. I have recently noticed that when the vehicle is changing from the first low gear to the next gear above the vehicle gives a almost violent jolt. What do you think could be the problem?

Is there an history of this happening in this type of vehicle?

I am not the first owner of this vehicle

Step 1 is checking the transmission fluid level.

To clarify andrew’s suggestion, you first need to verify that the trans fluid is at the correct level on the dipstick and that it is the normal pinkish red color. If the fluid is brownish and/or has a “burnt” smell, there is a problem.

Also related to the fluid, if this used car–like most–did not come with maintenance records, then you have to assume that the transmission fluid has never been changed.

All cars benefit from a fluid change every 3 years/30,000 miles, and Hondas may benefit more than most because their automatic transmissions of this era tended to be problematic–so problematic that some models got a “silent” extended warranty on the transmission in the event of failure. This is an issue to raise with the Honda dealership, as they can tell you if your particular car has an extended warranty on the transmission.