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2013 Honda CR-V - Shudders

One gear (2nd or 3rd) shutters when shifting through the gears on normal acceleration. Been doing it for a while now and hasn’t gotten any worse.

Have you been changing your transmission fluid every 30,000 miles? It might have not gotten worse as of now, but it most likely get worse without intervention.

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Been through this with my daughters 2005. I inspected every suspension and drivetrain part and found nothing. I found through research though that I think her problem lies in a transmission bearing that is a common failure in her generation. But the first places to look are the motor and tranny mounts and drive shaft if there’s no check engine light. On the engine side, it could be spark plugs. It would also be a good time to replace differential fluid and change your tranny fluid. Changing tranny fluid has been effective in many Hondas in my daughters generation. ONLY use Honda fluids. Follow fluid change procedure for tranny fluid change. Your owners manual will probably tell you to never do a tranny flush.