Honda 2002 Hard shift from 1st to 2nd,

2002 Honda CRV. Has 62,000 miles. When 1st started there is a noticable hard shift from 1st to 2nd. If you drive a sghort distance, say 2 blocks and come to a stop and take off again it shifts smoothly, will shift fine the rest of the intown stop and go driving. ( Does not matter cold or warm ) If you shut off the vehicle for just 5 minutes. the same thing happens, a noticable clunk shfiting 1st to 2nd. Do notice that the rpms do go up past the mormal shift rpm, so if you let up on the accelerator it will not clunk or hard shift. Trans oil has been changed, did not notice anything in the drain oil. Fluid was normal color.
Does this transmission have a filter that should be changed? Did some on line looking and see some mention of a lenear solonoid?

Have you had the transmission filter changed and the fluid flushed? I would recommend the dealer due to the fact they use Honda transmission fluid only. Foreign cars need manufacture specific fluid.