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2002 honda accord srs problems

anyone else have this srs light staying on? i had my seat belt buckle replaced that sensor was covered…then 2 yrs later my srs light is back on. now its the ospd sensor in the back of the passenger seat. dealer gets 180$ for the sensor. ive tried locating a used seat also with no luck so far. i know you can clear the srs but with a faulty sensor it will just come on immeaditly after you turn the ingnition on and off, i dont want a 400$ job but it wont pass inspection with that srs lit up. also if i install a manual seat with no airbag system will that srs light allways be on? or if i clear the code with the manual seat will it stay off? state regulations dont require airbags do they?

Perhaps nobody has responded because, well, if you want the light out you need to replace the bad part. If you don’t want to spend the money, the light will stay on. It’s that simple.

I confess to not knowing what the ospd sensor is, uness it’s a manufacturer’s nomenclature for the Occupant Classification Sensor, but whatever it is it apparently needs changing.

State regulations vary, but in my state there is no way they would pass you with a lit SRS warning light. It’s a safety inspection, and if the system was built on by the manufacturere it needs to be working properly.

If it won’t pass inspection with the light on you don’t have much choice.

Fix it.