2002 Honda Accord - rats in the engine compartment

rats have found their into the engine compartment of my 2002 Honda Accord and are gnawing on at least one plastic part next to the engine. I’ve been spraying peppermint oil on it for the past week but does not seem to deter the rodents. I am a senior citizen with no one to turn to. I’ve been reading your weekly column to many years and now I could use the wonderful help you’ve been giving others by guiding me on what to do. I have no garage so park outside. I would love to have a screen screwed underneath the engine compartment as a solution but don’t know if that’s feasible. I need help as to what to do. Your thoughts please.

We use this in a pole barn where seasonal equipment/vehicles are stored year-round to keep rodents out.

So far, no damage to anything for years.



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In addition to peppermint sprinkle cayenne pepper.
Get some blocks of mouse/rat poison, crush and mix with peanut butter.
Place in small plastic bag. Use caution against contamination.
Tuck in a corner under hood.

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Rats are everywhere. Is this Kansas? Brooklyn? Tampa?

Poisons can be a problem if scavengers feed on the deceased animal’s carcass, killing unintended victims.


This is a fairly common question here. Try using the forum search feature, upper right, this page, for some more idea. As I recall one bit of advice is to try a hot pepper spray, not peppermint.