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2002 Honda Accord Blower motor and resistor

2 times both have been replaced, and now the control board may have bit the dust. I know and my mechanic ( very good) knows there is a short that continues to elude us. IF this continues to be a deep rooted electrical problem, I have the option to buy a 1997 Toyota Camry with no engine (very nice condition otherwise). Would it be better option to replace my Honda’s engine into the Camry? I would hate to lose Honda’s engine to fire in car because of electrical fire. Plus I just hit 100,000 on it. Thanks!

Putting a Honda engine in a Toyota Camry is not a drop-in proposition. Custom fabrication will be required, control systems will need to be swapped/spliced in, and the troubleshooting alone makes this a non-starter. It would be cheaper to buy a good used Camry.

I think it is just frustration talking. Is this electronic climate control, or basic controls? Re-wiring the fan control switch is one option. On an old clunker I owned, I wired the fan to single speed, on/off with a toggle switch. Maybe not the most elegant of fixes, but kept my defroster and heater working.

It would be very difficult to install a Honda engine into a Toyota vehicle.

Engine/transaxle mounts wouldn’t be right, the exhaust won’t match up, the axleshafts won’t match, and there’s the problem of the computer not being correct.


Indeed - bizarre and unworkable idea, especially with its origins in a blower fan issue.

Are these things being replaced and failing immediately? Or they get replaced and all is well for a while and then something burns out again? If it is the latter, this is a long shot, but I think worth asking about. Has the air intake for the blower been checked for debris/blockage? And/or is there a cabin air filter? When things like this keep burning out over time it’s often because the device is pulling too many amps. Since the blower fan has apparently been replaced 2X then it’s probably not the fan itself. But if you had something like a clogged filter or fresh air intake it will overwork the fan and ramp up the amp draw. This will burn stuff out. If these things fail immediately, then its obviously a short of some kind.


Let’s start from the beginning . . .

What is the exact problem with the blower motor?

Do some or all of the fan speeds not work?

If so, tell us exactly what fan speed isn’t working

Is the blower making noise?

Do you smell anything when you turn the blower on?

BTW . . . I concur with the others. Forget that idea of dropping the Accord engine into the Camry.
There are so many reasons it won’t work. And even if you, by some miracle, get it to work, you’ll never get that thing smogged

It should have a cabin filter. @cigroller is right, clogged filter will cause the motor to work harder and draw more current.