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2012 Toyota Camry blower motor going out?

I have a 2012 Camry SE with 100,900 miles. It has an auto trans and 2.5 liter motor. Lately I’ve noticed air not coming out of the heater vents or the AC vents. I banged on the passenger side of the console where the blower motor usually sits several times and the air began to come on. It keeps happening occasionally but lately it has been happening frequently. Is that a sign of the blower motor going? I am Deaf so I can’t hear any noises. I’ve not noticed any vibration of any kind. Mind verifying if it’s the blower motor or something else? Thanks

It sure sounds like the blower motor.

To find out, when the blower stops working, set the speed to high, and reach under the dash and tap on the blower motor with the handle of a screwdriver.

If the blower starts running, replace the blower motor.


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What Tester said.
I have three Toyotas: '79 Celica, '82 Cressida, and '95 Avalon.
I’ve replaced the Celica’s motor twice, and the Cressida’s once. Each time the blowers went bad, they got “fixed” (for a little while) by giving them a good whack. The Avalon’s blower works fine, after 24 years and 238k miles.

By setting the fan to “high” you would be bypassing the blower resistor, eliminating that as a possibility.

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Also if this has a cabin filter make sure that is clean . Has it ever been changed ? This can burn out a motor if they arent changed due to air restriction .

They are quiet cheap to replace.The one on my 99 Corolla lasted 20 years before it started to scream and rattle like if It was possessed by some evil mind.

Even if the replacement process is noisy, it does appear that the time has come for the OP to replace the blower motor.

Lately the air coming out has been getting weaker and weaker even at high speed after banging the motor. So I’m gonna take a gamble and replace the blower motor myself tonight. I looked up videos on YouTube about how to replace them and it seems easy enough for me. I’ll update y’all after.

It usually is fairly easy on a Camry. Drop the panel on the passenger side, undo 3 screws, unplug. Reverse for installation.

Success! Replaced the blower motor as well as the cabin air filter which was totally filthy. Now that there’s a new blower motor and cabin air filter, the air coming out is much much stronger!! It was a bit difficult trying to unscrew the blower motor because I’m a big guy but I finally got it out and the new one in. Just wanted to update y’all.