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'03 Accord Blower motor

First, let me comend Honda for making the blower accessabile. So, the blower doesn’t blow. I took it out and connected staight to the battery, works great. There is power getting to the motor. I know that these moters change speeds by use of a resister. The console indicates that the button swithes seem to work. The question, of course, is where is this resister hidden?

Gotta get this fixed before the humidity hits us again. The owner can’t drive without the A/C working properly.

Its usually not too hard to find. Follow the power wires for the blower and the next thing you hit should be the resistor - probably crammed somewhere up against or very near the firewall. Often interior trim pieces need to be removed.

Do you have manual climate control or electronic (automatic) climate control?
I suspect that you have electronic since the manual one wouldn’t have any console indication of blower speed. In that case, your electronic blower speed control module may be defective. (It takes the place of the blower speed resistor that the manual systems use.)
The electronic module should be near the blower motor, with at least part of it inside the duct in the airstream.

I found the resister. Mounted to the left and slightly below the blower, toward the firewall. Through my searches for information, this seems like a common problem.