2002 Honda Accord alternator question

Ok so I was having issues with my 2002 Honda Accord it was shutting down and showing all signs for a bad alternator my battery was low as well so I replaced that and the alternator everything runs great and it was successful but now when I’m driving sometimes all of the dashboard lights flash at once and I know the alternator and the battery isn’t bad and I’m not sure if something else is going on. But that is the only thing that happens no dimming of lights and no flickering of anything else. Everything but that is working great. I am not sure if it is a type of warning for the alternator that I need to find a way to reset it or I don’t really know I would take it to a mechanic but nothing else but that is going wrong. Help if anyone knows?

Any other electrical symptoms in addition to the dashboard lights: radio intermittent, for example, or a brief deceleration due to an interruption in the ignition? Ignition switch is a possibility here. Does wiggling the key around while the car is running (and parked) bring on the symptoms?

How old is the battery? Have you had it tested recently?

I know that alternator and battery problems can go hand in hand at times. Sounds like you’ve addressed the alternator. I wonder if you have a bad or dying battery.

Even a new battery can have an intermittent internal fault, or not hold a charge, or the connections could need cleaning and tightening.

It need up being from the last fix it went away after driving it for 3 days thanks for the help!