Loss of Power to Dashboard

I am hoping for some help on my 2005 Honda Accord. I have been experiencing a loss of electricity to my dashboard - the radio cuts out, tach and speedometer needles drop, sometimes warning lights come on. I don’t think I have experience a loss of power with this but when it happens, it lasts less than a second.

I can go days of driving without issue. Then, in one drive it may happen four or five times.

I hate the idea of taking it into the dealer on an intermittent electrical issue. That could be a real bank drain.

Anyone have any experience with this type of an issue?

Thank you!

While this could well turn out to be a case of a bad electrical connector, I have to point out that what you describe is also symptomatic of an alternator that is…failing.
Once this begins happening, the alternator can continue to function–badly–for a few more days, or it can suddenly crap-out the next time that you get behind the wheel.

Rather than incur the extra expense and inconvenience of needing to be towed, I would suggest that you have your mechanic test the alternator output right away.

Sounds like a failing ignition switch to me.

How old is the battery? Are the battery connections clean and tight. This is what causes most problems.

Sounds like it could be a transmission problem.

@VDCdriver do you think @mtheis should wait till it happens again, than get a dvom to see how many volts the battery has when this happens. Then possibly turn the car off and check to see what the battery actually has without the alternator output?

Thank you all for your comments. It is happening more and more frequently; on my way home from church (a 15 minute drive), it happened five or six times this morning.

I do recall the last time I had the car serviced by the dealer, they noted the battery terminals needed to be cleaned. I forgot about it but will try it today as I can do it myself (with the help of YouTube). The battery is not that old and was checked at the last service.

I am not sure if it makes a difference but it seems to happen when I am decelerating. I am not positive of this as I just noticed it this morning.

Again, thank you for your insight. I can fix anything around the house but if I even open the hood on my car, just by looking at the engine I cause a couple hundred dollars of damage.