2002 GMC Truck



When I go to start my truck, 2002 GMC 1500 heavy half, up in the winter it idles rough and sometimes it dies if I do not give it some gas. After the tuck warms up the problem goes away. This only happens in the winter. The check engine light never comes on. Is this problem ok or do I need to have it looked at?


There may be a fuel supply problem such as a dirty fuel filter.

BTW, dirty fuel filters cause fuel pump failure so use clean filters.

Dirty injectors or perhaps a faulty fuel pressure regulator.

Another possibility is a faulty IAC valve.

Check all vacuum hoses and air intakes for leaks.


Thanks, I will try that. Does cold weather cause this because in the summer there are no problems? It started last winter on only really cold days and it did not happen at all this summer. It only happens when it is below 40 degrees.


Then there MAY be a problem with the engine temp sensor. Perhaps it is sending a wrong signal to the computer that the engine temp is warm when it’s actually cold (or cool).

I’m not a tech so I sincerely hope I’m not giving you wrong answers. I certainly do NOT want you to spend money on parts if they are not needed.

For what it’s worth, I have an '02 Tahoe 5.3 and am thinking if it while I answer your question.

Always get a second opinion.