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2002 Chevrolet 1500 - poor idle

Car runs great, just wont idle worth a crap. If you let it sit for a bit, it will start again - no funny noises or anything. Still has get up and go. Gas consumption seems to be ok. Not the greates,t but looks the same before problem. I don’t know what else to say, .Cleveland, Ga,

Since you did not have a question, I guess you said it all.

Since your obvious question is, “Why is my truck doing this?” I’ll try to answer it. First, is the check engine light on or has it come on? If so, have the code(s) read and post them here. In the absence of any other information a bad MAF sensor is a possibility.

Try cleaning the throttle body and the Idle Air Control valve.

If it still idles like crap, replace the IAC valve.


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At 19 years of age could be a vacuum leak also. You did not state whether or not this problem came on suddenly or if it has been coming on gradually but a compression issue could also be a cause.
While not likely the cause, I saw a Chevy pickup once that ran great but idled rough and the cause was one weak valve spring. A vacuum gauge will show any of the above problems.

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