2002 Ford Territory - can’t shut the car off

Vehicle is a Ford Territory. The ignition wont turn the vehicle off. So removed the battery terminals and still running

Many vehicles will continue to run with the battery disconnected.
What is causing your SUV to continue to run, I have no clue, just hope you are not somewhere in the Outback and are near a mechanic. Good luck in resolving the problem.

I assume you chose Taurus for the heading because Ford Terrritory is not listed being a Australian built with few exported.

When the engine is running the alternator is still producing electrical power, which is probably the reason it continues to run after disconnecting battery. This is not a good practice btw, battery reduces electrical spikes from alternator, spikes which could damage ECM etc. Not sure the best way to rectify the running motor problem. Disconnecting a spinning alternator may cause other, perhaps worse problems. If I had that problem I’d probably try to figure out a way to prevent fuel flow, intake air flow, or try to block the exhaust pipe.

My relatives has early 90’s Ford Taurus and seemed to have an unusual amount of trouble with the ignition switch, so expect that’s the same for yours. Otherwise seemed to be a good, reliable ride.

Since OP never came back to tell us what happened it should be shut down by now by running out of gas. :laughing:


15 hours of idling, how much fuel was in the tank? Unlikely the vehicle ran out of fuel just idling.