Vehicle Stops

I have a 2003 Ford SUV and recently when I am driving at slow or fast speeds it will totally stop. I can feel it in the gas pedal first then I lose all power. I have been lucky so far to have been killed on the freeway. It starts again after about 2 minutes. I have taken it to the Ford dealer and they are baffled. They have asked me to bring it back again to put a monitor device on it. I noticed today that this has occured when the gas is low. They have checked and said this is not the cause. Anyone here of this before?

The events monitor should provide a big clue. Were there any CEL codes?

Fortunately, there are only two things that can cause an operating engine to stop running (short of it seizing). One is loss of fuel, the other loss of spark. Unfortunately, there are coutless possible reasons for loss of either of these.

I will check out the codes and get back. I just wanted to get another opinion before I take it back in.Thanks

I can feel it in the gas pedal first then I lose all power.

Great, now can you tell us how it feels right before, during and after it stops.

When was the last time the fuel filter was replaced, and the spark plugs and wires? While you are at it, how about the air cleaner?