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2 issues. car continues to run after key removed. and

92 mercury sable 3.8
so the car just started this on the 4th. it not able to turn off, switch the key to off pull it out car keeps running, been pulling the battery cable, but was told I’d hurt my alternator if kept doing it that way. just trying to fix it, so I tired switching out the ignition cylinder. that didn’t fix it and also checked all my fuses they were all fine. my next idea is to change out the whole ignition switch instead of just the cylinder but i thought i would ask the forum if anyone had any ideas.

now the second problem that i was trying to nail down before the other started was a issue with the car stalling at idle. it only happens if the car is up to temperature and it’s a hot day. plus 75 fahrenheit. just trying to go with cheapest parts and work my way up i change the air and fuel filters. then this other issue started and took priority.

any help or ideas are greatly appreciated. thanks for your time.

You need a new ignition switch. Not the ignition lock cylinder or tumbler, but a new ignition switch.


DON’T REMOOVE THE BATTERY CABLE WITH THE CAR RUNNING ! the computers can be damaged by a voltage spike. do you know where the fuel pump reset switch is ?

and yes a new ignition switch is in order.

The switch can be located some distance from the lock cylinder, usually at the base of the steering column

As for the stalling, check for a vacuum leak or a sticking (open) EGR valve…

thanks caddyman for the tip on the egr valve cant wait to get to that.

so it turns out not to be the ignition switch but the actuator rod at the tilt point seems to have come apart. anyone replaced one of these? how hard is it? it seemed like a bit more to take off and i was losing light so i figured i’d call it a night and ask the forum for any ideas.

The first thing you need to do is contact the local Ford dealer and ask if the part is available. Because you’re not going to aquire it at the local auto parts store. If not, then it’s off to the local auto recycler for a used replacement steering column.