2002 Ford Taurus power steering

power steering - pump or rack and pinion?

Can you be more specific.What is going on with your car?

Yes, the Taurus has a PS pump and rack and pinion steering. The pump on both my Taurus’s (91 and 03) was noisy . Removing as much fluid from the pump reservior with a turkey baster and replacing with correct fresh fluid helps a bit. Without any more information that’s the best I can do. Check or Owner’s Manual for the correct fluid or go to ford.com and download the manual.

Ed B.

yeah, not sure what you are asking.

Fords of that era (in my experience anyway,) were pretty picky about what type of P/S fluid was used, or the pump would be noisy. It would work fine, just be noisy.


That is also my recollection.