2002 Ford Focus Airbag Light

I took my 2002 Ford Focus Wagon in to my dealer for a year end oil change earlier in the week. My car needed several additional things: new tires, new fuel filter, new struts and some springs replaced (that were under recall). I bought this car new from this dealer and have always gone to the repair shop at my dealer and never had a problem so I am not questioning all of these additions (actually the recall saved me money on labor for the struts), given the age of the car.

As I pulled away from the shop my airbag light went on so I pulled around and went in to ask. The service guy told me they would have to take a look at it and gave me a loaner car (which has never happened before). The next day the story is vague but it’s a coincidence but they are going to fix it and not charge me the part will be in today and I can keep the loaner. I get a call this afternoon the part is in and it should be ready by 6:00 pm, around 4:00 they call to tell me there is a mouse nest near the part they are replacing they are still paying for this and the car will be ready by 5:00. I haven’t left the house yet at 5:25 they call again and say the light is still on so they need it another day and we are back to square one.

They are acting like they screwed something up and I am not getting any details but I am getting worried about what is going on? I was hoping someone on here would have an idea?


None of the maintenance/repair work that you noted would be in the vicinity of the sensors or wiring for the SRS (airbag) system, so I am having a hard time seeing a connection between their work and this problem.
I suppose that it is possible that there is a connection, but I just don’t see it.

In any event, since they are shouldering all of the cost, and since you have been provided with a loaner car, I don’t see any valid gripes on your part at this point. One of the things that you need to remember is that the vehicle is at least 9 years old, and a failure in the Supplemental Restraint System (or anything else on this car) could be merely coincidental on this aging vehicle.

Please post back with an update on the situation, as I might be willing to change my mind in the face of new information.

Thanks…I will post. I have no problem with my Dealer (am planning on buying another car from them) but it isn’t making any sense…

VDC Driver-

Thanks again for your help. I picked my car up today and it’s fine…or atleast back to what I dropped off and they didn’t charge me a penny. I was just concerned due to the evolving story.