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Locked out of car with keys in hand

Car was sitting for a week and now i can not unlock with the key or the key fob. Battery may be dead but unable to pop hood to check. Wife thinks electrical issue but the door lock should be mechanical. Unfortunately only key on drivers door. Have had wiring issues with vehicle due to chipmucks nesting … not so cute then.

Any ideas?

What happens when you turn the key in the lock?

And what year Escape?


and not much… it acts like it wants to catch when turn toward the front of the car but does not. Key turns freely in both directions but does not have any effect on the locked state of the car.

Triple A should be able to get your door open.

Yep it is “slim jim” time.

yeah - figured, thx

The door locks may be electrically actuated, even using the key. But usually the rear door is completely mechanical. Have you tried popping the back door? Then you can get to the hood release and get to the battery.

Unless it has air bags in the door or door pillar. Then after Slim Jim it’s “HOLY CRAP!! Air bag modules and door panels cost how much?!?!?!”

No key hole for the rear hatch?

that is correct this car only has one key hole - drivers door… nothing for the other doors or rear

If you know the car you are working with (what I mean is if you know what place you want to grab the rod running from the handle to the latch) you can slim jim the car without damaging anything. It is the guy that just starts jamming the slim jim anywhere and everywhere that causes damage, don’t be that guy.

Many people don’t know that the secret to making the slim jim work is knowing where to insert the tool.

In any case all I could see happening is just snagging the cover of the bag. If this happens leave that tool snagged and use another tool. All you have to be is a little bit smarter than the car.

You won’t be any where near a pillar mounted bag but if there is a bag running along the top of the door panel (not all are like this) it could get in the way of the tool but not cause a bag deployment.

Any access to the starter wiring underneath? You may be able to clamp a battery charger on the positive terminal and a frame member and temporarily supply the car with enough power to pop the lock.

Interesting thought, as long as it is not a car with the starter solenoid between the terminal and the battery. Shirley there must be a way to open the hood manually so you can jump it. Follow the cable and you will find the part that needs to move.

call a locksmith.

Any body shops on the area? I’m sure a tech would get his “slim jim” out for you for $20. Otherwise . . . AAA. Rocketman

The driver’s door lock has a mechanical connection (as a backup) that works even if all electrical power fails. It sounds like the linkage on the OP’s car has been disconnected or has rusted off. The OP didn’t notice the failure because the electric lock always worked. Once the OP gets the car going again, they should get the lock linkage fixed so that this doesn’t happen again.

This is why i avoid electric features

They try to make it difficult to get to the hood latch release to reduce battery theft.

Try taxi cab. Often they will get you into your can on a lock out