2002 Ford Escape - Starts then Dies



Hope someone can help.

Over the last week my car (has ~66000 miles) when I start it in the morning will turn over then die on me. I takes it a good 7-8 tries of starting the car before it kicks in and stays alive (sometimes I have to give it some gas for a few seconds to make sure it doesn’t die on me when it is turning over). This problem typically only happens in the morning. After I drive it around, and then stop and start it again - no problems. But the next day, It gives me the same problem as before.

Ford ran a diagnostic and found no problems, the battery is strong. Of course when it was at the dealership and a reputable local mechanic the other day, it started with no problems. They have no idea what is wrong, but I am exasperated.

Please Help!




[b]The next time you go to start the engine, and you know this problem is going to occur, turn the ignition to the run position for a couple of seconds, but don’t try to start the engine, and then turn the ignition off. Repeat this a half dozen times or so and then try starting the engine.

If this helps in getting the engine started, it means that the pulsator valve in the fuel pump assembly is allowing gas to drain back from the fuel rails and fuel line back into the gas tank as the vehicle sits. When this happens, it takes a while for the fuel pump to reprime the fuel system so that the engine can start.

If this works, the only fix is to replace the fuel pump assembly.