Continually stranded by my ford escape

My 2002 Ford Escape keeps stranding me here and there and the mechanic cant find anything wrong! It runs fine most of the time and then out of the blue it just wont start. This always happens after I have driven somewhere and when I get back in to leave it sputters and shakes for a second or two but just can’t get going. I have found that after 20 minutes, and no less, it will start up just fine and off we go.

It seems like it isnt getting gas. I have tried to switch the Fuel Pump shut off button but it feels more like a bolt than a button and doesnt do anything. The battery is fine, the car has plenty of gas…

This problem started a few months ago and usually only happens once a month or so but yesterday it happened twice.

Do you have any ideas what the problem could be??

Could be flooded