Ford Escape Won't Turn On!

I have a 2004 Ford Escape, relatively low mileage (50K), and recently, I’ve had a few instances where the car won’t turn on! I have had 3 occasions where the car sputters and then dies. The engine won’t turn over. One time it happened to my husband and he then turned the engine off, re-inserted the key, turned it halfway (to the extent where you can turn on the radio), jiggered the shift-stick, and then the car turned on. The dealer just said it was the battery, but this has happened even after we replaced the battery. Help!

Sounds like a bad adjustment in the shifter or a bad neutral safety switch. The neutral safety switch attached to the shifter and prevents the car from starting if it is in any gear but park or neutral. Next time it happens, put the car in neutral and see if that works. You will have to have the key in the ignition and turned until the lights glow on the dash to shift it into neutral. Another safety feature.

Are you saying that even the radio wouldn’t come on until the shifter was wiggled?

No, the radio has not been affected. Even when the car won’t turn on the radio turns on fine.