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2002 F250 Diesel shuts down while driving

My ‘02 F250 Diesel shut down and would not start while I was pulling a 20’ gooseneck trailer in August of 2012. After approximately an hour it started and I drove it home. Took it to repair shop and I had them change the fuel filter (although no lights came on in truck) and they told me they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Then for a couple of months while driving it would shut down while driving and as soon as I released the pedal it would run again. In November 2012 it again shut down while I was driving and would not start. The next day it started and I took it to another repair shop. They checked it and said they couldn’t find anything wrong. I drove it home (30 miles) and it shut off briefly a couple of times, but we made it. I’ve driven it a few times over the winter and it had no problems. Then yesterday, the first day over 50 degrees since last fall, I drove it and it shut off, would not start, and I had it towed back home. It appears there are multiple posts about this issue (on the internet) with these trucks and their stories are very much the same. I’m about to give up on this truck. Please help.

Be certain to check your oil.
oil ?
yes, low oil pressure will trip a sensor that shuts it down.
If oil is ok then possibly that sensor.

High pressure oil pump or injector pressure regulator are often replaced in these circumstances.
Tests need to be run while the truck is malfunctioning.

I am thinking failing fuel pump. It needs to be diagnosed in failure mode. So if you can replicate failure mode…

As with low oil pressure, high temperature might also trigger engine shut-down…Perhaps one of these sensors is sending a false signal and shutting down the engine…I bet a Ford dealer has a way to scan them in real time…Better than throwing parts at it…

Thanks for the suggestions. The truck started the next day so I crossed my fingers and drove it to a ford dealership (one that I trust). I just spoke to them and they told me it was the CPS? I hope they are correct. I think this was actually replaced due to a recall a couple of years ago. I’ll update as soon as I get it back. Of course I won’t really know if it is repaired until it quits again. :o(

Dealership informed me that the error code said it was the ICP sensor. They replaced it and the second time I drove it it would shut off, engine light would light up, then begin running again as soon as I released the excellerator. this happened multiple times (35 times maybe?) during my 9 mile drive, usually as I was climbing a hill. Any other ideas? Anyone want to buy a '02 F250? Back to the dealership I go. …more updates as they come up!

So tried to drive to dealership and it shut down. Had it towed again. This time they say it is the Injector pump and regulator. Here goes another $1,500.00. More updates as they come up.

Please update us on your progress. I have the exact same issues and they are driving me crazy!

This guy seems to have had the same problem, and it was the ICP sensor. Maybe you got another bad ICP sensor?

Interesting. I didn’t realize diesels had crank sensors. I would have suspected the fuel pump, fuel pump relay, or the injector pump.

I have the same truck and have the same problem have you found anything yet i just bought the truck
So I will let you know if I get anywhere

You stated that the engine would shut down while driving and when you backed off on the throttle position then the engine would run again. This makes me think the trouble is related to the throttle position somehow or maybe something is intermittently wrong with throttle sensor itself.
This article would indicate that the Camshaft position sensor problem is not unusual in your motor. Here’s hope’n it ain’t too expensive. It also shows approximate costs of replacement.

Could be the fuel filter. If the filter is aftermarket it could have the wrong micron rating and be restricting fuel flow when accelerating. I use motor-craft filters only as they are the correct micron my engine is designed to have. I also have installed a turbo3000d and have better power a smoother engine and went up 1.5 mpg. The correct filter with the right flow rate can make all the difference

Also this turbo3000d thing really works. It wont fix a bad engine with major problems but worked for me. This article backs it up

Hello have you had any answers yet as our f250 is just starting to do it

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