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2002 Echo a/c fuse keeps blowing

the 7.5 a/c fuse blows every time the a/c button is pressed. replaced the a/c relay but problem persists.

First things first is that the correct amp. fuse? if that is correct do you have a wiring diagram, trace the curcuit that fuse is on see if a wire is cut or rubbing up against something. if wverthing there checks out ok then un plug thecopnts in the curcuit 1 item at a time till the fuse stops blowing. start atr the enf of the line away from the fuse and work your way to the fuse box. i hope that helps you. might also see if there is any Toyota forums for the problem your having .

Thanks for the response Big Marc. It is the correct 7.5amp fuse. Don’t have a wiring diagram but will try to get one to trace the circuit as you suggest. Will also check toyota forums. Cheers

You sure that’s not the circuit that energizes the compressor clutch? You may have fried clutch. Try inspecting the wire going to the clutch for fraying and disconnect the plug to see if that’s the problem. A bad clutch though needs to be replaced if that’s the problem.