Air condition

I have a 2004 Camry. My wife cam home the other day and said nothing works on the heater a/c panel. Itried it anshe was correct. I check the owners manual ans saw ther are 2 fuse locations one has a 10 A and the other a 50 A. As I had a spare 10 i put it and wala! it work for al of about a 1/2 day. I bought a pack of fuses and replaced it again and worked for 1 day. Right now the fan is working and when I push in the a/c it works for a 1/2 minute then the a/c light starts blinking. I shut it off as I never saw that before and knew the fuse would probably go again. I am puzzled. Any ideas would be appreciated.

The A/C has a problem, probably low on freon, and it’s trying to protect itself from damage. You could forget it for the winter, but your defroster needs the A/C to operate properly so you better have a shop check your heater / A/C system and see what the problem is…

That 10 amp fuse supplies power to the climate/temperature control module which controls all the functions of the HVAC system.

So either there’s a short to ground in the circuit, or the module requires replacement.


One other idea, leaves and twigs can get sucked into the blower motor. This can cause the motor to start to stall out and increase the current draw enough to blow a fuse. Sometimes the motor and cage can be removed and the debris cleaned out and that’s all that is needed. Definitely consider this if you are hearing any unusual noises from the blower motor area (under the dash) when the fan is on.