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2002 Durango Water Leak


My 2002 4.7L Durango with about 145500 miles started leaking water when I got home today. It may be the water pump but if I look under the truck the water is flowing from one of the bolts of the engine mount next to the oil filter. Could this be a from some were else or a crack block. The truck did not overheat or ran out of water the temperature when I got home was about half and that is a bit more than normal.


Here is a pic of the area. If I remove the radiator cap the leak starts if I put it back on it will stop. But only with the engine off.

Okay more details I just did a pressure test I was able to get to around 15psi and then a hissing sound and the pressure drops quickly. The sound comes around the front of the engine close to the power steering pump or under.

More details. I just remove the fan and water pump, no leaks to see cleaned and will go ahead and replace with new pump is already 145000 miles on this one. Still cant trace the leak to the source.

There are frost plugs along the side of the engine. One of these frost plugs may be leaking.