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Suburban sway on high way

My 2003 4wd sway when I drive over 50mi. I replaced sway bar links and sway bar bushings but it still sways… Nothing is broken, no noise. I don’t know what else to do except to replace rear sway bar bushings but I don’t thing it’s gonna make a difference…

Worn shock absorbers can cause a vehicle to sway when it’s driven at speed.

Especially one as heavy as your Suburban.


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Check the ball joints.

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I have a trailblazer, and never noticed what you describe when I had broken front and rear swaybar links. I would look elsewhere based on my experience.

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Following an inspection of the front suspension, if the shocks are old they’d be next. My '95 Suburban did great with a set of Bilsteins.

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If those are the original shocks, they’re due for a replacement. Yes, instability on the highway and in crosswinds is a classic symptom.

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Worn shock absorbers, worn or improperly inflated tires, the wrong tires or wheels, are my top 3 suggestions.

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Bingo on possibly worn shocks.

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Shocks, agree. I’d check the front stabilizer bar bushings, end links and all the steering linkage just for good measure. If the truck hasn’t had an alignment in a few years, that might be due for a check as well. These trucks tend to sag a bit over time and the alignment goes out when that happens.

And check the alignment.
If the front tires are slightly off from each other . . they could be arguing with each other over which one will take the lead.
Are either of the treads worn oddly ?

Everyone has come up with the most likely parts that may be causing your problem.

.Another thing to check, for a wandering steering problem is the intermediate shaft and its U-joint. These can get sloppy and allow for the vehicle to wander.

Have someone rock the steering wheel back and forth as you watch that U-joint. There should be no slopin the joint.
Any slop and it needs to be replaced.


Concur with @Tester and @Mustangman , shocks is where I’d look first. My truck has the same symptom when the shocks are shot. While replacing the shocks/struts, that’s a good time to test for play in other components too.