2002 Dodge Caravan Highlight & Signal Light (Drivers side)

If I turn on headlight (low beam or high beam), the orange color signal light on drivers side next to the white headlight in front of the car is not on, but the one on the passengers side is on.

If I don’t turn on headlight, just make a left turn signal, that signal light is on and blinks.

I am a new driver in Minnesota. Would anybody tell me whether the police pull me over and give me a ticket because of that signal light not working properly?

I have changed the signal light bulb.

What’s the problem?

I would first check for a bad ground to the signal light. If there is a common ground to those lights and there is a ground problem the high current from the headlight will cause a larger voltage drop across the bad connection than the smaller light. Thus the smaller light won’t get much of a voltage drop across it to turn it on.