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2002 Chevy Impala that won't start

My 2002 Impala has has issues with the security system in the past. We replaced the BCM (body control modual) a little over a year ago and the car has worked perfectly, until two weeks ago. Now the car will not start again, until I reset the computer. This has happened four times in the past two weeks, with the most recent being yesterday morning and this morning. This time, the security light does not flash at all and it seems to happen on foggy days only. Any ideas on what I could try to fix this problem?

If it only happens on foggy days, then it’s a moisture related issue. Electricity is conducted by moisture. When you say it does not start, does the started turn over the engine? Or does it just click and nothing? Do the dash lights come on? What are the conditions of the no start?

Concur with @knfenimore here. If the engine does turn over you might want to replace the spark plug wires. It could also be another ignition related problem like a bad coil or module but plug wires are notorious for causing starting problems in humid conditions. If you park in a dark garage…you will probably see a light show when you open the hood with the engine running. It’s a simple troubleshooting tip that works.

"Now the car will not start again, until I reset the computer. "

Do you mean you disconnect the battery, reconnect it and it starts right up?

maybe the distributor cap needs replacing. mine used to give me trouble on foggy days

In what way are you resetting the computer???


I’ve seen the key security chip go bad. It happened to my father-in-law a lot. My mother-in-law never had it happen with her key. I took a long time to figure out what the problem was since it was intermittent. Try another key.

Is the security light on when it’s not starting. Passlock system causes a lot of no starts.

When I turn the key, there is nothing, at all. I know it’s not battery related as the radio will come on and the windows will still roll down. When I reset the computer, I turn the key to accessory for 10 minutes, turn it off for 5 seconds and then the car will start.

Thank you for your help!

OP replaced BCM. And it failed. They obviously have done homework on steps to enable security issues. There are many online sites that describe procedure for doing a security system relearn.