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2002 Chevy Cavalier Transmission

My husband and I were told that our 2002 Chevy Cavalier needs a new transmission. The car has only 75000 miles on it. Is is worth getting a new transmission, or will the car start to fall apart on us now?

Who told you that you needed a new transmission? What were the symptoms? At 75K your tranny should have a lot of life left in it unless it was severly abused. If you need a new transmission (I have my doubts) then you still have a pretty good vehicle since it only has 75K on the clock and is a 2002 model. It’s worth fixing.

The repair guys at Mr. Transmission told us this. The engine light came on, the was rpms were high for the speed, the engine was noisy. The Repair guys told us that there were metal pieces everywhere. (I’m not sure what caused that). They said they could rebuild it or replace with a new. The car is in very good shape otherwise.

I would avoid chain shops because of their somewhat shoddy reputation. Just google “Mr Transmission” and the first thing you get is hundreds of complaints that were filed against them. I would get a second opinion from an independent transmission mechanic. What was their rebuild and new replacement charges? I would seriously consider a used transmission with low miles from an auto salvage yard if it turns out the tranny is shot.

Thanks for the advice. I think we’ll get a second opinion from another car repair place.

Smart…very smart.