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2002 chevy avalanche fuel pump

My 3rd fuel pump went out today, 1st at 80,000 mi. Truck has 125,000 miles. Why would this keep happening? 1st time replaced at Goodwrench, 2nd at a repair shop, 3 as well. Could bad ground be damaging them?



Do you let the fuel run low before fill ups? Low fuel levels will allow the pump to prematurely wear out.

A dirty fuel filter will make the pump work overtime and as a result, wear out.

Each time you thought the pump died, you turned the key to ON and listened for the priming buzzing noise?

Well, they recommend replacing the wiring harness and relay at the same time to make sure you don’t put too much of a load on the pump. You also have to suspect the ground connection and the connection at the pump. I’ve had them both. I also only use Delco pumps.