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Replaced fuel pump 3x/last three years--1992 Buick Lesabre 100,000 miles

The first time, we checked the Cat (fine), sparks (fine), etc.–finally the fuel pump-bingo. It only lasted just over a year. I replaced it because my regular mechanic said the special shop used a lesser brand and he put in a much better brand. This lasted one year and three months. This time we double-checked fuel tank, line, etc. concerned with fuel intake and outtake–it was the fuel pump giving less than 8 lbs pressure, again. I replaced it.

I drive the car @three thousand miles/year. I had put on a locking gas cap three years ago and was told last smog that these do not create the preferred vacuum for the system and would decrease my mileage. Could that be it? My mechanic asked whether I let the car run out of gas. No, never below a quarter/tank. He said maybe it’s just a buildup of moisture since I don’t use it that much and most of that is local town driving. I live on a very steep hill and sometimes the tilt of the car causes the gas floater to register less than quarter tank, sometimes causing “red light, need gas” alert. This was a salvage car and the original owners re-did the car superbly. It drives great otherwise, but I’m done replacing the fuel pump every year or so. Lastly, mechanic checked gas tank and said there is something inside sliding around.???

I feel your pain. Mine went out in my Buick exactly one year to the day when I had replaced it and it was a Delco. I don’t know what it is with these pumps but you need to replace the harness in the tank, maybe even hard wire the connector, provide a second ground wire, and I even replace all of the wiring from the tank to the computer. Plus both relays should be replaced.

Yikes! Thanks for feeling my pain. I just got off the phone with my great mechanic about ??? cleaning sensor wire on Mass Air Flow (nope), or replace fuel sender/sensor (nope). We both had a good laugh when I said, “It’s a GREAT car, when it runs.”