2003 Matrix - Bottom Mouldings Fell Out - would like to cover them up

Bottom molding came off on all 4 sides. As you can see from pics, there are still the little holes from where the pegs on the molding were stuck into. Car too old to invest new moldings. Wondering if there’s anything I could purchase, possibly something adhesive, that could be used to cover this up. Or possibly generic molding(if there is such a thing). Any suggestions?

You could purchase some of the button style plugs, paint them and pop them in! Available at car parts stores


If you put something on top of that rust, you’ll just hold moisture against it and make that area rust out faster.

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I like the plugs that Barkey posted.
I would use black ones and not bother painting them.
I would first spray some clear rust inhibitor into the holes.


So if Pop these in and paint over the lower part of my car(as show in the photo) it should camouflage the little holes and slots?

Re: another idea I had: Could I possibly buy a long roll of decal type strips and put it across all the areas(all 4 sides of car) that once had the panels(that are now gone)?


Would any auto parts store sell them?

You can find them at probably any parts store, easier to get black or chrome.