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2002 Chevrolet S-10 - A Couple Electrical Gremlins

I love my Chevy S-10 pickup. It’s a 2002 with the oversized 6 cylinder engine and 107,000 miles on it. No problem with the engine, but the truck does have a couple of eccentricities. The windshield wipers have a mind of their own. If I wish to “wash” the windshield, normally it will swipe twice and quit, which is what it’s supposed to do. But sometimes in its own erratic self, it will keep on going for 10 to 15 swipes and then stop. Also, same type of thing when I have it on intermittent. It will behave for a while and then go crazy with the constant swiping, and finally back to the intermittent. I have also had a couple of times when I have it on full it will get to the stop of the swipe and just quit right there for a few seconds and the continue on its merry way. My mechanic replaced the whole assembly on the steering wheel assembly, which seemed to fix it for a short time, but now it’s right back to its old self. It isn’t a dangerous problem, but it sure is annoying. People coming toward me must think I’m crazy to have the wipers running and it isn’t raining.

Eccentricity # 2. A couple of the dash board lights will come on at no particular time, and will stay on. They are the brake light and the ABS light. Several times I have taken it to my mechanic to see what the code says. Guess what. No code. And probably when I restart the truck the lights aren’t on. But for sure soon enough they come back on. They have checked the brakes and everything associated with the brakes and there is nothing wrong with them. So, it seems to me there is something wrong in the computer or the electrical system. HELP!!!

You might try replacing the wiper motor pulse board.,2002,s10+pickup,4.3l+v6,1384309,wiper+&+washer,wiper+motor+pulse+board+module,8865

The pulse board controls all the wiper motor functions.

Anytime the primary brake warning light comes on, the ABS light will come on automatically.

The ABS is just warning you that if there’s a problem with the primary brake system, the ABS isn’t going to function.


the 2002-ish Chevy Silverado’s and trucks similar (Tahoe’s, Suburban’s, Sierra, etc.) have a common issue with the ABS Controller failing. Honestly, I’m not sure if that includes the S-10’s or not.
What I suggest is finding your body ground wires and cleaning them all off. On the bigger trucks, this is primarily the one under the battery tray and on the frame below the drivers seat. Again, not positive on the S-10, but it’s worth a check.

and it may be worth finding a mechanic that has the tools to read ABS codes. Sounds like your mechanic just has a basic OBDII reader.