2002 Cadillac DeVille #1681509253-water pump

just replace water pump flush cooling system and refilled with antifreeze 50/50 mix specified for deville and clean purge valve out and replace thermostat still no flow of cooling system and not to mention replace overflow pressurized cooling 18psi cap and flush again still no change also change upper radiator hose still no flow

What method are you using to determine there’s no coolant flow? If you are removing the radiator’s input hose (top hose on most cars) and looking there, there won’t be much if any coolant flow there until engine warms up and thermostat opens. If there’s no flow even after engine warms up, does the dashboard coolant temp gauge show the engine is overheating? If so, double check your water pump is the correct one for your car’s configuration. Especially if there’s been any custom work in the serpentine belt area. Some water pumps are designed to turn backward compared to others. Make sure the serpentine belt is correctly routed as well.

I hate to ask but you did put the water pump belt back on or replace it right??
And is the t-stat jiggle valve in the upper most position??

Like George said how hot are you getting it to check for flow??

And did you do the all this work due to a “no flow issue”???

A deville has a northstar motor. The wp is driven by the camshaft and is mounted in coolant crossover on the driver side of motor. SERP belt is on the pass side.
If a caddy owner selling it says car has new radiator and wp, then run away. As time moves on fewer of these cars remain. Thank god.

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Just to state the obvious, my north star water pump was run by a separate very small serp belt. Agree that thing was a pain in the neck. Wife finally agreed to junk it after sitting in the garage for five years.

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