Running Hot

I have a 2000 Cadillac deville I replace the coolant system but not the water pump,but the strange thing happen after I took it in to the shop for a raditor flush because the old raditor oil coolant line allowed oil to mix in with the coolant. It never ran hot until the shop flush out the new raditor then it begain to run hot I had rode this car about a hundred mile and it don’t run hot until I let them repair it could they have done something wrong to cause this running hot or do anyone who know about the deville can give me a head up on this.

Why do you say it is running hot? A gauge, boiling over, what are the indications?

I am a little confused about the order of things. Which came first second etc.

  • replaced cooling system

  • Took it to a shop for a radiator flush

  • oil coolant line allowed oil to mix …

    Did you replace all the hoses? if so where would it fit in the order above.?

If the automatic fluid is mixing with the coolant in the radiator, you have a problem. Check the automatic transmission dipstick and look for coolant on it. The dip stick may look like it has a foamy coating.

If engine coolant has mixed with automatic transmission fluid, don’t drive the car. Don’t even run the engine. It may, already, be too late since you have driven the car. Have a mechanic come and check it, or have it towed to a repair shop.

I replace the radiator then the hoses the themo, then I flush the radiator.

No its oil not transmission fluid that was in the radiator. I brough the car from a man after buying it the car ran hot when I looked at the radiator I seen it had a hole in it so before I replace it I also seen oil in it then I replace the radiatori with a new one with new hoes and themo, then I took it to a shop to flush the radiator on the way to the shop which was about ten miles away from my house it didn’t run hot at all, but after the flush it begain to run hot.

Oil in coolant + overheating = bad head gasket

You should be very uncomfortable that you had engine oil in your coolant. Buying a car that has a history of overheating is a big gamble.

Or, if this is the Northstar engine, it could be a bad intake manifold gasket.