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94 DeVille Air Conditioning mystery

I have a 94 Deville. 165,000 miles in pretty good shape. I have an air conditioning mystery…taken it to several places. The air works…then goes off, then comes back on. I have changed the radiator, had the freon verified, have installed a new water pump and had all the connections to and from the radiator checked. I am at my wits end! My driver side window doesn’t work either and in this Hot as Hades summer I am dying! Sometimes if I open the windows, turn the air off for 5 minutes it will work again. Other times, if I turn it off and then back on it comes right back. Other times, it only threatens to stop…you can feel the air getting hotter and more humid then it goes back to cool…not totally right, but better than nothing! I have been told by one mechanic that it might be the idle motor. I am getting a check engine light that comes on…but because it’s so old no one has any way of checking what that may mean! Help! I just need a direction to point someone…

It doesn’t sound as if enough inspection and diagnostic work has been done with the actual AC system. You should not be the one pointing a mechanic (are we talking about a neighbor here?) in any direction, the mechanic should be the one comming up with the plan. You have some bad information relating to your car being too old for the check engine light to be diagnoised, this is not the case, not that knowing what the light represents would help anything at all, espically the AC issue. In later years Cadillac did have a pretty good onboard diagnostic feature (not related to any mandated system) that did help out with AC diagnosis.

No, not a neighbor. I have taken it to a Cadillac mechanic and a GM Dealership. The dealership told me I had to find another dealership with a newer system that would read the older car. The Caddy mechanic said it was the water pump and then told me the check engine light was coming on due to the idle motor. He said to deal with it I needed to pull over, turn the car off and then back on again to reset the computer and it would come on. (This to avoid the cost of replacing the motor which he said would run about $300). So what do I do?