Overheating cadillac


I have a 1994 Cadillac deville. My son ran over a deer. Since that time I have had problems with the radiator and cooling system. When the car is idling for extended periods of time it run hot. Then when you drive it does not occur.

I have had the system flushed new radiator, heater core. But I haven’t replaced the water pump. Can you help me I like seating in traffic jams.


It’s entirely possible that the cooling fan got slammed by the radiator and is no longer functioning. Its also possible that the radiator got hit by some hardware and some of the tubes are pinched shut, reducing its effectiveness. Either way, you need to get it corrected. Overheating an engine is a sure way to destroy it.


Open the hood and observe the electric cooling fan. It’s usually mounted right behind or in front of the radiator. There may be two of them. With the engine running, turn on the A/C. Both fans should turn on with the A/C. If they do, that means the fans and their wiring is OK. Turn off the A/c and let the engine slowly heat up. At some point before overheating, the fans should come on again, perhaps just one of them to begin with. If they don’t, there is a problem with a control relay or temperature sender.


Thanks for the information. I will try both of these ideas. I pray that will be the case. I really like this big old bus.


Agree taht a cooling fan that does not turn on (wire/switch broken) or is defective due to the collision is the most likey culprit. Everything else seems to be in order.