2002 2.7 V6 Hyundai Santa Fe motor mounts

Are “after market” replacement motor mounts suitable to replace the 3 broken mounts on our vehicle? The dealer prices for these items is 3 times the online cost!


J. Ries

I don’t see why they wouldn’t be OK. Hyundai does not make theirs. Call a couple other dealers, or just try an independent shop - use this site’s Mechan-X files to find a good local shop you can trust. The dealer will not install non-factory parts, so you would have to go to a shop anyway.

Thanks for the advice. I did find A local shop who would do the job at half of the dealers price and use the factory parts, because he was familiar with the mounts and said he would recommend the factory parts in Arizona because they use better rubber. which stands the heat better, espically if we plan to keep the car for an extended length of time…which we do.
Thanks again,