2001Ford Taurus

Took the stereo out and snipped a white/red wire abd connected them back together and now my interior lights, windows, wipers and trunk button wont work. Please help.

The first step is to check your fuses.

That white/red wire you snipped supplies power to Generic Electronic Module. And the GEM controls all the systems you’re having problems with.

When you snipped that wire, you cut power to the GEM. The GEM has now lost it’s configuration information and that’s why those systems aren’t working.

You can’t just go out and get another GEM and install it. Because when replacing the GEM, it requires that scan tool be used to upload the configuration information from the old GEM so it can be downloaded to the new GEM.

Looks like you’ll be making a trip to the dealer to see if they can reconfigure the information for the GEM.


The first thing to do is to check fuses in the underhood fuse block. The circuit is powered by a 15 amp fuse marked in diagrams as fuse #216.