2001 VW Jetta

Second owner of sedan with 88K miles in what I believe is better than average condition…
A few days ago, when starting car after filling up, I heard a “weird” and “unfamiliar” noise for about a second… Thought noise could possibly be from another vehicle on the gas station property.

Now, a few days later I hear this awful sounding noise each time I start the car and it scares the bejezus out of me! Once started, no noise, no problems. Runs great!

Three mechanics state: …Bad ignition. …Bad trans plate. And, bad starter! Range of repair, $350-$700.00? Parts - $100 - $225.00?

Which diagnosis is close to correct? Why so much labor? Is this the beginning of the end for this car?

What’s a girl suppose to do?

In advance thank you!


What kind of noise?

Grinding noise?

Whining noise?

Does your car have an electric air pump?

A starter is relatively easy to replace.

The trans plate (flex plate, I’m assuming, because you most likely have an automatic) means taking out the transmission. The flexplate is attached to the rear of the crankshaft. It has the ring rear on its outer edge and the starter engages with the ring gear.

So your $350 labor is probably the ignition switch (some dash panels may need to be removed for access)A

The $700 labor is probably to replace the flexplate