Pont vibe 03, 10,000 miles, 5 1/2 yrs. noise



my vibe started making a noise, it was coming from the engine area, so i took it to my trusted mechanic. they called to say it was a cracked flex plate and it could cost up to $1,000 to fix. i wanted a second opinion a took it to a dealer. i got word from the dealer and they said the noise was just ware and tear…no charge…but i think that they missed it …when the car is in park there is no noise comming out of the engine area, but when the car is in drive with foot on brake not moving, there is a scraping noise not constant but clattery… i stopped at my oil change place and asked them to look under the car for loose metal shieldings…found none…but they were in agreement that the sound was eminating from the engine…which means that my original diagnosis from my mechanic was close…cracked flex plate?.. well i will never know what was really wrong with it, for i traded it in on an 08 vibe…wish me luck…i still wondering what the problem was. i got 5 1/2 years and 10,000 miles with no problems with my 03 vibe


Only 10,000 (sic) miles in 5 years? ;o}

A cracked flex plate usually makes quite a racket. Some describe it as sounding like shaking rocks in a coffee can.


thanks for the reply. i appreciated it. your description was most accurate of the sound from my car. oh, my car acually had 110,000 miles on it not 10,000. i afraid fate stepped in. until then had no major problems, still had the original battery.
thanks, martin