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Diminishing Returns

Need some advice. I have 2006 Jetta diesel with 110,000 miles. I have the car in the shop (dealer) to perform regular maintenance- replace the timing belt, water pump,etc. I just found out from the VW dealer the car needs a new flywheel in addition to the scheduled maintenance. I’m looking at a $3,400.00 bill for the entire job. Is it worth putting that much money into a 5+ year old car with 110,000 miles?

Probably. Don’t Count The Belt And Other Regular Maintenance. It Needs That Regardless Of Whatever Happens.
So, How Much For The Flywheel Job ?

Is the car otherwise in nice shape ? Do you like driving it ?

About that flywheel . . . What’s wrong with it ? You don’t need a starter, too, do you ?


What symptoms does you Jetta display that would lead the dealer to believe that you need a new flywheel?
If your car is a manual transmission and you are having the clutch replaced, then the flywheel may be an issue. However, you stated that the dealer was performing regular maintenance.
The only thing I can think of is that there were flies circling around your Jetta which led the service writer to believe that the flywheel isn’t doing its job.

The dealer claims that a noise/knock is coming from the transmission and they’re confident it is a problem with the flywheel. $1600.00 to replace the flywheel.
Does not need a starter.
I’m on top of the maintenance, the car is in very good shape and yes I enjoy driving the car.

I’d Do The Flywheel First, Just In Case The Problem Is More Serious (If Their Diagnosis Proves Wrong When It’s Opened Up.)

Also, I’d call around for other estimates. That sounds pretty high priced. Check with independent shops that specialize in all things VW.

Manual transmission ? Are they figuring in a new clutch ? It probably should be done because the labor will be covered by the flywheel.

If it’s just the flywheel for sure, I’d go with it. Be sure and have the other maintenance taken care of, too, right afterwards.

How much have you spent on this car over the years for repairs ?


Do you hear this knock/noise? I would get a second opinion from an independent transmission shop.

No need to take an out-of-warranty vehicle to the dealer for routine work.
A good independent non-chain shop can likely do the work for less.
Look for one here:

You probably have a dual mass flywheel that is worn out. A lot of manufacturers are using them because they are a little smoother than a solid flywheel, but then it becomes one more part to wear out.

For $1600, you should be getting a new clutch assembly as well. I know those dual mass flywheels are pricy, but $1600? With a complete new clutch assembly, that would be about right.

After you spend this $3400, you should be good for another 110k miles with little additional expense, just oil and filter changes which you would have with a new car as well. Can you get a new car for $3400?

Robust diesel engines can run for millions of miles. At 110,000 miles, yours is a baby. I probably wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money, but that’s why I don’t buy VWs.

I believe its $25k to replace with new for this car. $3.4k is a bitter pill to swallow I concur but $25k is worst.

If the $3400 has nothing noticable in driving you could trade the car off and get your new one at another one.

A $1600 repair requires a 2nd opinion.